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Why choose Rates-Beater

Why choose rates-beater

Still, confused about our services?
We will share 4 reasons why you should choose us over any other SMM panel.

Complete Automation

Once you place the order, you need not do anything manually. With our completely automated services, growing your social media accounts is easy.

Cheapest prices

When you compare us with any SMM panel India, you will realize that our prices are probably the cheapest.

Wide range of SMM Services

We provide an entire bouquet of such services. All that along with the cheapest SMM panel which you can find.

Round the clock support

Have a query? Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer 24/7 support.

About us

We, at Rates Beater, have been offering SMM services for more than 3 years now. With our ever-expanding arsenal of services, we cater to every one of your SMM needs.

If you do some due diligence on us, you will come across our raving reviews. We have raving reviews because of our commitment to high-quality services and timely delivery. Our high-quality services ensure that your social media channels experience a direct boost and organic growth because of our services. When you dig deeper into the likes or followers we offer, you will realize that likes, views etc are from real individuals.

That is why our clients love us!

We also pride ourselves on offering 24/7 support. Whether you have a doubt or want to buy a bigger package, or wish to contact us for something else, we are always there for you. Just drop us a line using the telegram icon on the site, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our knowledgeable executives will always be able to resolve your queries in no time.

By now, you might know that we are no ordinary SMM reseller panel. We always over-deliver. This is well articulated by:

  • You cannot find reliable providers cheaper than us.

  • Lowest prices do not mean that you get substandard services. With likes, views coming from real individuals rather than bots, you can be sure that your engagement across social media channels will increase.

  • Our industry-leading SMM panel cheapest is probably the best you can find. The simplicity and ease of use make it convenient for our clients to order the services they want.

  • We always have a fixed turnaround time and ensure that the delivery happens before that time. Our punctual services is another reason why we stand out in the SMM industry.

In case you're looking for instant delivery, we can help you with that as well.

These features help Rates Beater stand out from the competition.

Instagram Followers

Instagram Likes

Instagram Services

Youtube Subscribers

Youtube Views

Youtube Likes

Tiktok Services

Tiktok Followers


What we offer?

At Rates Beater, we specialize in every type of SMM service you can think of. Our offerings include:

We believe in providing a complete range of SMM services so that you can focus on the content you are sharing on social media rather than the metrics.

With our ever-expanding range of services, you don't have to worry about searching for any other provider once you sign up on our SMM panel. The expeditious delivery and the legit followers, likes, and views ensure that you can benefit immensely from our SMM services.

What is SMM panel?

SMM panel refers to a dashboard from where you can easily buy likes, views, and followers. Through a single dashboard, you will be able to order all our services.

At Rates Beater, we offer an innovative and easy-to-use SMM panel.

The advantage of ordering through a single social media marketing panel is that you can keep track of your orders. Not only that, you can know instantly which order is in progress and which order has been completed.

These days, businesses are relying on social media to drive visitors to their websites and landing pages. That is why, when you need to deal with multiple social media profiles and accounts, it is not easy to keep track of everything.

Once you use our SMM panel, it is easy to understand what you have ordered in the past, what is currently in progress. Accordingly, you can plan your future marketing strategy as well.

Thus if you're serious about growing on social media, you need a best SMM panel.

How does our SMM panel work?

At Rates Beater, we make sure that our SMM panel is pretty simple for everyone to use. In five simple steps, you can order the service and also monitor the effectiveness and delivery. The five steps include:

Sign up

Sign up using the button at the top of our site. We require only minimal details, and therefore you can fill the form quickly and verify your email. If you have already done it, you can click on the sign-in option to access the SMM panel.

Visit the SMM panel

Once you log in to our website, you can view the dashboard listing all the SMM services we offer.

Select the service you want to buy

In our SMM panel, You can select the service you want to buy. There are a few parameters you have to take into account while choosing the service.

  • Platform:

  • Type:

  • Quantity:

  • Delivery timeframe:

After considering these few factors, it is easy to choose the right service from our SMM panel.

Pay using a suitable payment method:

Once you select the service, you can pay using the payment method of your choice in the next step. We offer multiple payment methods.

Monitor the delivery status:

That's it!

Sit back and monitor the delivery status.

In these five simple steps, you can order services through our panel at the lowest prices.

Contact us

With 24/7 chat support available through telegram, you can contact us anytime. Whatever is the nature of your query, simply click on the telegram icon, and you can get in touch with us. We provide prompt support, which ensures that your queries will be resolved in no time.

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